Our Why

I enjoy being a proud and effective advocate of each client’s legal rights.  I thrive on compassionately helping my clients negotiate a complex legal system to achieve results which serve them.  I love the challenge of creating possibilities and delivering valuable solutions, based on each client’s unique circumstances.

                                                                        ~ Holiday Hunt Russell

Holiday Hunt Russell

First, I am intrigued by problem solving in two aspects which go hand in hand.

Based on the facts at hand and the law, there is a desire to find the weakness in an opponent’s case and exploit it.  Taking this knowledge and skill, results in solving the problem that is presented by the client.  For the past 10 years or so, I have come to understand that my unique background gives me the ability to understand and empathize with clients on a personal level while using my intelligence and ethic to help those clients.   

Second, I really, really want to win, but just not at any cost as to ethics, reputation and long term potential downside to a client.

                                                                        ~ Michael Compagno

Michael Compagno

From as young as I can remember, I wanted to be a lawyer.  I watched movies and shows like Matlock and Perry Mason and marveled as these men danced around the courtroom telling a story to a group of strangers where the stakes couldn’t have been higher.   My first job in the law was representing the kids in the neighborhood when they used to get into trouble – I negotiated plea deals with their parents.   The practice has, for me, been much less to do with the law than it is about relationships between people looking to right a wrong.  The search for justice, a restoration of harmony, is my soul’s desire.  During my initial consultation, I don’t look at a law book, I search for what my client really wants and work backwards to create a path towards their goals.    I empower my clients to understand that they have the power to create the result they want in every case.

My clients and I become partners in creating measurable results that make a difference in their lives. This mindful lawyering is a revolutionary approach to the law.

                                                                                   ~ Jay Farrow​

Jay Farrow