Employment Litigation

Employment litigation is different from other types of commercial disputes. An employment lawsuit can disrupt your work environment and damage your reputation with your employees, your customers and the public. It’s also one of the few types of litigation in which the motives of your leaders and managers – and often your company’s overall culture – are at issue.

The quickest and most efficient way to resolve litigation is not always the most obvious. The Torch Law Firm collaborates with clients at the outset of a case to develop creative and aggressive strategies that result in dispositive victories on the merits, provide procedural leverage or position the case for early settlement on favorable terms.

Our deep bench of seasoned trial lawyers protects clients in high exposure “bet-the-company” disputes, class and collective-action litigation, arbitrations and alternative dispute resolution.

From complex class actions and multi-jurisdictional cases to single-plaintiff wrongful discharge or discrimination cases—and the full range of labor or employment matters in between—our attorneys work closely with our clients to develop case budgets and litigation plans to meet their needs, assist in tracking and controlling costs and work toward a winning solution.

Our first step in every litigation matter is to work with the client to determine its goals for representation—be it to aggressively defend to the end, resolve expeditiously and/or settle early; or something in between. We understand the cost/benefit analysis that employers and insurers must undertake in determining the appropriate response to litigation. We provide legal insights and candid assessments to our clients with an eye toward expediting the process and providing cost-effective, efficient and sound representation. In every litigation, we evaluate the merits of the case early and formulate a defense strategy tailored to achieving the client’s needs and objectives.

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